Our team had a great time at the conference!

This week, our team attended Shop.Org. I told you a little bit about the annual ecommerce conference on the blog here, but wanted to check back in and let you all know how much we enjoyed it!

We started off the conference with a fabulous red carpet party, hosted by the one and only Melissa Rivers. There were magicians, carnival-themed food, a 360-degree photo booth, and plenty of networking opportunities. It set an exciting tone for the days to come!

Hadi, our Managing Director, was especially impressed with the quality of the speakers. Listening to thought leaders discuss the future of commerce and retail will be very impactful to our decision making. As a brand, it's important to know this changing landscape and this is the first conference that allowed us to see into future likelihoods. It also empowered us to help create that future because it's not yet written.

Michelle, our Director of Operations, was really impressed with the technology at the show. We've discussed it in the office before, but augmented reality and artificial intelligence is really going to change the landscape of retail.

However, our biggest takeaway is that community will be key in growing our brand. We are excited to make that our main focus, and learn and grow from you - our community! Deciding what types of products we create or what brands we sell on our online store will be entirely determined by you and your needs. We are excited to continue to learn and grow so we can hopefully keep bringing great solutions to you and your family.


Designer & Mom of 7

September 29, 2017 — Cortney Novogratz