Every summer I try to host a tag sale at our home in the Berkshires

Unfortunately, last year we didn't get to have one. So the amount of things we accumulated had exceeded past years. To most people a tag sale seems like a lot of work, but for us as designers it's a great way to unload all the items that we've purchased for past clients - that perhaps didn't work in the space - and teach our kids the value of a dollar.

Grouping Things By Item & Style

I always start super early because the real antiquers arrive by 7AM. It had rained the day before so that left me pulling everything out from our garage, boxes and storage units at 5AM. I recommend to assess everything you have and start to group things by objects and style - furniture, linens, artwork, decorative items, games and books. Even though it's in your yard, and some people may think it's all junk, there is a way to set your yard up like a boutique store.

The Best Cowhide Chairs & Throw Pillows

Somehow we had an abundance of chairs this year. I like to put the colorful items like throw pillows near the front incase someone simply driving by needs a pop of color in their life. Try and get your kids involved by greeting folks, organizing the items they're selling and being ok with saying goodbye to some memories and allowing other families to enjoy.

Old and New Friends

The best part about having a sale is all the characters that come through, and all the new and old friends we get to see. It allows you to really know your community. This sweet lady and her daughter are excited to have our Brazil art in their home. Luckily, my friend made another for us, so I don't mind parting with this one.

Randy & His New Purchase

Our dear friend, Randy, who worked on one of our TV shows, recently purchased his own country house nearby. It was so nice to see him, and while we laughed and caught up, he scored some great chairs to add to his home. I may have started my day off at 5AM with some strong coffee, but by afternoon we were having beers with good friends.

The real deals are late in the day when I start giving things away so that Robert and I can start the hunt all over again. Our philosophy is purge then you get to splurge.

Designer & Mom of 7

July 17, 2017 — Cortney Novogratz