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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp



Novogratz Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Novogratz x Globe Himalayan Rock Large Salt Lamp, Pink Hand-Mined Himalayan Salt with Wood Base, Dimmable In-Line Rotary Switch, Bulb Included

  • IMPROVE AIR QUALITY: works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions in the air
  • LIGHT AND COLOR THERAPY BENEFITS: the soft orange hues of the 100% Himalayan Salt shade are one of the soothing colors often used to calm mood and provide maximum relaxation
  • ALL-NATURAL NIGHT LIGHT: with a warm, pleasant, relaxing pink light you're sure to sleep soundly, bathed in a soft, warm glow
  • PREMIUM WOOD BASE: the wood base is both elegant and durable and helps provide the warm and serene atmosphere created by a well-crafted salt lamp
  • ROTARY DIMMER SWITCH: easy to use, the in-line rotary dimmer switch allows you to control the amount of light you need at any given time - perfect for any space in your home

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