The Novogratz is committed to ensuring accessibility to our website and associated systems for customer service and support. This document describes our efforts relating to compliance with local and national law and conformance with international standards for Web Accessibility.

This statement includes a description of our past and current efforts in accessibility, contact information for responsible parties, our current conformance status, and known issues.

Accessibility Contact Information

For direct accessibility assistance, or for accessibility issues not covered here, please email Tenon LLC at

Customers needing technical assistance for the primary web property can email Robert Novogratz at

Accessibility Background

The Novogratz began an organization-wide project to improve how we serve customers with disabilities in 2021. Below is a timeline of our efforts:


  • Retained an external, qualified Accessibility Consultant (Tenon LLC), who is assisting in improving the accessibility of our primary web property.
  • Began an online training program for all employees who have access to the development of, and content within, our primary web property.
  • Had Use Case Testing performed by a qualified Accessibility Consultant (Tenon LLC) on 8 core user flows within our primary web property.
  • Had an automated test performed by a qualified Accessibility Consultant (Tenon LLC) using their proprietary software at io, on 6 core pages within our primary web property

Current Conformance Status

The Use Case Testing, mentioned above, identified 28 distinct error patterns on this site which impact our conformance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA:
  • The errors will be remediated, retested, and verified by the same firm which performed the Use Case Tests.
  • 1 of the errors is the result of a third-party widget made by Fancyapps. We will attempt to update the widget to a newer, more accessible version if possible and if the new version is not fully accessible either, we will notify the maker of the results of the audit that pertain to their code and will give them until the end of the year to repair the issues or we will seek an alternate solution.
  • 5 issues were observed by consumers. They are listed in the following section. They will be remediated, retested, and verified by the retained Accessibility Consultant (Tenon LLC).

 Known Issues

  1. Links and buttons on throughout the website do not describe their purpose. As a result, consumers who have a visual impairment cannot determine whether they want to follow a particular link, making navigation an exercise of trial and error.
  2. Modal dialogs (pop-up windows) throughout the website are not announced to screen reader users and do not receive focus when opened.
  3. The mobile menu, when visually hidden, is not hidden from keyboard or screen reader users.
  4. The shopping cart does not receive focus when it is activated by adding an item to it.
  5. Sale item prices are not conveyed correctly to screen reader users. The strikethrough currently being used for the original price is not announced and therefore two prices are announced to screen reader users for the same product.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on this website:

We try to respond to feedback within 5 business days.